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Rayls Quilts

Welcome to Rayls Quilts web site.

Beginner's Blog

13-07-2013 21:20 (comments: 0)

Finally I am going to try and update this page for myself.  I hope to write about what I am doing with my quilting.


A Day in the Country

28-09-2011 21:43 (comments: 0)

Field of Quilts Boddington Western Australia


On Sunday 25th September, Gary my friend Susan and I drove just over an hour to Boddington to see the Field of Quilts staged by the Boddington Arts Council.  I believe that this is an annual event and was a treat to behold.


There were some lovely stalls selling fabric and sewing notions, fabric bags, jewellery, and the community arts and craft store.


It was a lovely sunny day and we enjoyed a lovely lunch under the trees amongst the quilts flapping in the light breeze.  


A very pleasant day filled with the country spirit of quilting.  I highly recommend it.  I think that this will become an annual event for us in the future.


See photos below......