Rayls and Gaz
Rayls and Gaz
Sons Scott and Ryan
Scott, Rayls and Ryan

About me

Welcome from Perth Western Australia.

My name is Raylene Hartman, (I like my friends to call me Rayls) and I hope to share my love of patchwork and quilting through this web site.

I have been married to a wonderful guy, Gary (Gaz) for the past 34 years.  We have two grown sons, Ryan and Scott.  Both have their own homes now and have left behind a big house for me to fill with my craft.

I started quilting when my sister Pat Weir-Smith was starting her business Paws Pastimes, way back in the mid-eighties.  I loved the miniature quilts which Pat was designing at that time and as she didn’t have time to make some for me, I ended up learning to do them myself.  I did make quite a few of Pat’s quilts from her books, Hearts and Roses and Homespun Treasures.   Pat went on to have her studio in Ardross called Patchwork Pie.  Pat produced lots of pattern books and became a respected member of the quilting community not only here in Western Australia, but Australia wide.

I continued to make some quilts for family and friends for presents and thoroughly enjoyed the process, albeit stressful as some stages.

On a visit to Carol’s of Midland to source yet more fabric for a project; my husband Gary and youngest  son Scott, talked me into applying for a sales position which was vacant at the time.  As Gary had worked on a committee with Carol back in the early years of Community Policing in Midland, they had a chat and suggested that I at least spend a day in the store and see if I liked it.  Needless to say the rest is history.

I currently am working two days a week at Carol’s and loving it.  I work with terrific people.  Carol and Bob have handed over the store to their daughter Michelle to manage.  Michelle is a great boss and makes it a joy to go to work.  We battle our way through the occasional difficult times, but have lots of laughs along the way. The girls, Julie, Susan, Leanne and Jo are all such fun, friendly ladies who enjoy quilting.  We all enjoy a good chat and a laugh with our customers. Gary, our Sewing Machine Service guy, would be devastated if I didn’t mention him here too.  Gary is a constant source of entertainment for all the girls.

I do have a reputation of spending my pay before I leave the store each day I work.  I have to confess, my name is Rayls and I am a fabricaholic!  I just love the colours and patterns that fabric provides and can’t get enough of it.  I would hate to miss out on that gorgeous fabric so I need to get some the moment I discover it.  It is like Christmas every time a delivery of fabric comes in.  I can’t wait to get my hands on what might be inside those boxes.  Yes, it is true that I don’t NEED all of what I buy, but I just reeeeeally WANT it!  My two cupboards that contain my stash are filling fast.

I really enjoy the company of like minded souls.  Quilters are a great group of people who are caring and love to create and share their journeys in patchwork and quilting.  I love to see quilts that have been made by customers after we have spent time choosing the fabrics together.  Each quilter has something special to give to the world in their creativity and passion for the craft.